Package 1 Description

 4 Bed Rooms + Hall for 8 adults (Accommodation)

 Rs. 2,700/- Per  Person/Per Night/with lunch,dinner,breakfast

Rs. 1,500/- Per  Person/Per Night/without meals

Extra: (Optional Chargeable: extra Non veg chicken curry Rs.250/person/dinner)

Kids above 5 years Rs.1000/per kid/per night(Inclusive of food)

Adult extra floor bed : Rs.2000/per Night/per person/with food.

  1. Floor Beds (Max.6)
  2. Food : Breakfast – Menu :Poha,Omlet,Paratha & Tea
  3. Lunch:1 Roti,rice & dal, 2 types of vegetable, 1 regular sweet
  4. Dinner: Menu: Non veg chicken curry(optional),2 veg subji,1 Roti,1 Rice Dal,1 type of salad,1 regular sweet INCLUDE:Pickle/Papad/1 type of salad,Mineral water jar
  5. For A.C. Room Rs.500/per person/per night extra

Note:  DJ not allowed on terrace & on open spaces

(music can be played in the Hall)

For Booking Please Call – 9423572800/9822650631

Contact Email:

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