VV Farms Food Menu

Indian Main Course

Morning Breakfast Rs.200/person/day

7:00am till 9:00am

Veg (Poha) & Omlet, Tea ,Paratha

Afternoon Lunch Rs.400/person/day

12:00am till 3:00am

1 Regular sweet

1 Roti, Rice, Dal

Veg – 2 Types of Vegetable Preparation

Evening High Tea

All time

High Tea/Pakoda Rs.150/-

Night Dinner Rs.400/person/day

7:00pm till 11:00pm

1 Nonveg chicken curry(optional Rs.250/person extra)

              2 Veg subji ,1 Roti , 1 Rice & Dal , 1 Regular Sweet

INCLUDE: Pickle/Papad/ 1 type of Salad/ Mineral Water Jar


Pickle/Papad/ 1 types of Salad/ Mineral Water Jar